We are supporting schools & churches who want to run their own bush dance.
The idea is we supply a program format with melody lines, chord charts and song lyrics.
We will supply you with a dance list, you can learn the dances from our CD & booklet resources see I am available to coach the phys ed or music teacher with lesson plans and consultations.


In view of the Covid-19 crisis, I have reviewed our dance repertoire and we will have available new booklets for each CD with “hands free” versions of the dances The new dance booklets ill be available in our shop, see

About Us

Shenanigans is dedicated to involving people in the joy of community dance. Our commitment has aggregated a highly talented group of musicians and teachers with boundless enthusiasm, so we are well equipped to partner with you to bring the people of your organisation together. Our live bands perform regularly for schools and churches in Melbourne Australia and our recorded dance tracks are used for music education in countless schools in Australia, Asia and the U.S.A.  
We can adapt to your needs and circumstances.
However as a guideline, we offer two main kinds of program.
1. Family Bush Dance 
We have played for thousands of events of this kind over the last 3 decades. We include include popular Shenanigans originals such as Highway Number One and, evergreen dances like Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, and other folk dances much enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Shenanigans CD 1, Children’s Dances of Terra del Zur supports this program
2. Community Christian Dance
This is a new initiative under development with with Stairway Church, Vermont. It is based on a program  pioneered at St John’s churches in Malvern and Upper Beaconsfield, and the Brimbank Salvation Army.
Shenanigans CD 2, Bush Dances of New Holland supports this dance program and suits children of primary school age up to adults, and includes the standard Australian Bush Dances taught in schools. 

New Album release

Gary King, AJ Leonard

Gary King, AJ Leonard

01 Jump Like a Kangaroo

02 Koori Dreamtime

08 Highway Number One

12 Zoo Party

15 Eucalypso

popular parallax

CD 1 Children's Dance of Terra Del Zur Booklet Only